Impact vs Effort Matrix


Objective: Assist in prioritising improvement ideas

Format: PDF document

What it does: This tool assists provides a visual depiction of improvement opportunities based on estimated impact and effort to assist in choosing the best items to wok on.

How to use:

  1. Download the tool and save it to your PC
  2. Estimate the Impact/Benefit (can use workload analysis tool)
  3. Guestimate the effort involved in making the change (don’t get hung up on getting this perfect it is just for prioritisation)
  4. Update the graph by plotting each opportunity on the matrix – to ensure it fits I simply create a 2 digit code for each opportunity
  5. Prioritise based on best “bang for buck” (high impact / low effort)

Best Practices

  • This is a prioritization tool – your estimates should be best guess
    • Do NOT spend significant time understanding the Impact vs Benefit this can lead to spending too much time analyzing and not enough time improving
  • Use this exercise as an opportunity to speak with staff and build this matrix together it will:
    • Show them that their input is valuable
    • Help get people on board with the changes as they understand why each item will be worked on
    • Keep people focused when they have competing priorities

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