Download the KPI Grid

Objective: Use this KPI Grid to create a baseline of results based on UCV KPI.

Format: Excel Workbook

What it does:

  • Serves as a documented account of your KPI for others in your business
  • Records the formula and data source for KPI
  • Calculates the standard result – this is the highest repeatable result
  • Calculates the average result – average is not a good starting point as 50% achieve above ad 50% achieve below but it is good for comparison

Best Practices

  • This tool is to baseline and set targets ensure data is as accurate as possible
  • If you do not have baseline data e.g. you will start measuring this moving forward with no record in the past – document the KPI, type, formula, and data source.
    • Start base-lining as soon as data is available

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